Adopting Ashlyn

Adopting Ashlyn

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From Vanessa Hill

Ashlyn has never got to legally change her last name to Hill. It cost $5000-$7500 just to have Chase adopt her & get him added to her birth certificate. How many friends could chip in & help make us reach our goal?!!!

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2006 was a rough year. I was date raped. Yes. It happened. When I first thought I was pregnant I received medical assistance and was told that I had a cyst in my stomach. I was in college at the time in Wichita Falls, Texas. I worked at a restaurant and had high goals in front  of me. I didn't have any medical insurance at the time so when I went back to see what my options were on getting the cyst removed. My doctor acted really strange and prescribed me pills that would supposedly help not make the cyst grow. Months later it kept growing and I took another pregnancy test to make sure I wasn't pregnant. My doctor again said for me to continue taking the pills he prescribed me and that I could set up a plan to have the cyst removed... months passed and so I just continued with my normal going to school and work like normal. day on Sept. 3, 2006 which happened to be labor day; I WENT INTO FREAKING LABOR!

Everything happened so fast...that all I remember is going to work, feeling ill, going to a hospital clinic next to my job, birth to Ashlyn that afternoon. My whole life changed whether I wanted it to or not.

I did sue the doctor that provided me no prenatal care. Another unfortunate situation. Apparently, he had been working unlicensed and malpracticing for 3 years and was never caught. I was not the only person that sued. 17 others cases including mine only divided out to $3,400(average). I used that to help raise Ashlyn and my mother made me move back to Amarillo.

I never found out who date raped me. On Ashlyn's birth certificate there never was a father designated just placed as unknown. I was going to go on raising Ashlyn as best I could and never planned on getting married. I didn't expect to burden anyone with myself and my child because it is hard enough to survive as it is. Fortunately, Chase didn't care; He took me and Ashlyn under his wing and the rest is history.

 I pray everyday for my blessings; Jehovah, could have set a different path for me. I could still be single. I could have put Ashlyn up for adoption for another family. I never wanted or was ready for kids and now I realize it was for the best.

I have led in interesting life. My mother has always been my strong support in anything including this. Why am I asking for help now?I keep going over and over in my head that Time is short. I want my child to be able to legally have the last name that she deserves and not be confused in school on what to write on her paper.

I feel that if I don't let people know my story; there would be a hole left in my heart that couldn't ever let heal. Help my family out as best you can and Thank you for taking the time to read my story!

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