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Kisses and Kitty Kats for Baby

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From Sharon Lloyd

We are finally adopting!

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Our journey to adoption has been a long one and I honestly wondered if I was ever meant to be a mother.  As some of you know, I had a son, named Justin, in 1995 that died when I was 37 weeks along in my pregnancy.  It was a very difficult time in my life, but was also a life-changing event that led me down a better path in life.  Losing Justin took a huge toll on my marriage and we subsequently divorced. Over the years I began to see the true purpose for God giving Justin life within me.   I met Roger (his family calls him Dale) in 1999 and we clicked right away and got married not long after. Roger had 2 children from his first marriage.  After much discussion, we decided to wait to have children so that his kids would not feel like their daddy had abandoned them to create a "new family"  and leave them behind.  Unfortunately, my biological clock was on fast-forward and we waited until it was too late.  I worked summer school for 2 summers to save up enough money to pursue other options.  We underwent several infertility treatments for a couple of years, until a doctor was finally honest with us about our chances of having a baby, even with all the infertility treatments out there.  I actually cried on the day I went to the doctor and told them I needed to move on.  I think I said it just so I could hear it.....but it seemed so final and I felt like I was grieving for a future that would never be......again.  Our adoption journey began in 2010 when we decided to adopt through DFACS (a.k.a The State).  We went to classes, had our home study approved, and constantly searched State websites.  However, the amount of red tape and lack of communication associated with most all governmental agencies reared its ugly head.  On 2012, we did not renew our home study and decided to place everything in God's hands and if it was not meant to be, then I could accept that....I might not like it, but I would accept it.  Then about 3 weeks ago, I got a text.  A young girl in Florida heard about us (through friends) and has decided to place her baby for adoption with us.  I was so excited, but a bit apprehensive.....because we all know that birth mothers can back out.  However, after much communication, this young lady's circumstances are pretty much dictating the path for this adoption to take place and she is definitely going through with the adoption.  That is why I'm posting this.  I was not telling too many people until I knew there was a high chance this would go through and I'm sure it won't seem totally real until I hold that beautiful baby.  To keep all the state's red tape out of this, we are having to do the adoption as an independent adoption using an attorney.  I need help raising the funds to pay for the attorney.  We have about $1000 already saved.  Since the young lady is in Florida, the adoption will be a little more complicated and more expensive because attorneys are needed in both Georgia and Florida.  We don't have a lot of time (she is due on June 10, but may be further along than we thought) and need to have everything in place for when the baby is born.  Please consider donating to our cause.  All donations will help pay the attorney fees and anything left over will go towards the expense of going to Florida to finalize everything and bring our baby home.  Thank you for reading about our journey.  Please share this with your friends and ask them to consider donating....even a dollar makes us one dollar closer to our goal!

UPDATE 5/20/14:  Everything is ready for the new baby.  We have picked out a name:  Jacob Dylan.  The doctor is looking at inducing the birthmom on June 3rd now.  However, we are now looking at using a Florida attorney since the ones here locally are unfamiliar with interstate adoptions.  As a result, the price of the legal fees is much higher now.  In addition, we found out that Florida requires that post-placement home studies be completed before final adoption can take additional expense we had not anticipated.  In order to make this happen, we need some additional help.  Please consider donating to our cause and help us bring baby Jacob home!

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